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企業簡介   Introduction to enterprise


Foshan Y-Tai furniture manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in the Pearl River Delta, China's largest furniture production base in foshan. And has a strong capital, modern standard workshop, advanced equipment, excellent talents, scientific management. After 10 years of steady development, the company owns ( Thai furniture ) has become a large-scale professional office furniture production enterprises, domestic well-known brands of office furniture, central state organ office furniture supplier of fixed-point.

生產規模  Production scale



The company has6000 square meters exhibition center ( and global marketing center ), and covers an area of one hundred and twenty thousand square meters of the Thai Industrial Park: the main production office chairs, sofas, hardware accessories, system screen, type of wood office, hotel and office furniture. Various types of professional and technical personnel and staff of more than 1000 people.


品質保證  Quality Assurance


宇泰秉承“專注成就品牌、實力創造品質、服務創造信任、環保創造健康、智慧創造樂趣”的企業理念,從原材料的采購、生產過程的控制,建立了嚴格的質量管理體系, 并在行業內率先通過德國TUV萊茵ISO90012000質量體系認證,ISO14001環境管理體系認證及綠色環保產品認證。


Thai extensively absorb, training of senior professional and technical personnel, technical and management staff of more than 300, especially in the type of solid wood office furniture woodworking, painting technology brings together the most cutting-edge professional talents.


Thai adhering to the "focus on the achievements of the brand, quality, service to create the strength to create a trust, environmental protection to create a healthy, wisdom to create fun" business philosophy, from raw material procurement, production process control, the establishment of a strict quality management system, and in the industry taking the lead through the German TUV Rhine ISO9001: 2000 quality system certification, ISO14001environmental management system certification and green product certification.




Under the help of strong funds,we have cut the cost by the automation and scalization of the  producing process.Zhongtai give the profit to the consumers at the highest level.